Break the Code and Claim 50Ξ

What is BountyBox?

BountyBox is a collectible NFT built around a code-breaking challenge.

Each token contains one byte of a code. Hidden within the code is the private key to a wallet, the so called guardian wallet. You have to break the code to get access to the guardian wallet. Whoever has access to the guardian wallet can withdraw a bounty of 50Ξ from the contract, once all tokens have been sold.

Of course you have to own one of the tokens to be able to transfer the bounty to your address. So no one without a token will ever be able to steal it.





Price per Token




On Chain



The contract has been deployed, the website has been launched. Boxes can be minted. Let the hunt begin!


Depending on the progress the community has made so far, and the number of boxes left to be minted, we will drop a hint, that can help you break the code. However, we will take great care to not make it too easy to crack the code, after all it is just a hint.


Once the code has been cracked and the bounty was claimed by it's rightful owner, we will reveal the solution to the code-breaking challenge.

More Boxes & Bounties

BountyBox is a seeding NFT, and we have a lot more planned. So make sure to get your BountyBox now!Golden Box


The BountyBox contract is a ERC721 compatible contract written in Solidity. You can interact with it on Etherscan and view the collection on OpenSea or any other ERC721 compatible NFT marketplace.

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